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MAUI Diving

Some of our favorite dive/snorkeling sites on Maui (some of which can be better than Molokini). (Italics very near or at Ka'anapali. Listed north to south)

West Maui Sites:
Honolua Bay (marine reserve)
Mokule'ia Beach (marine reserve) (a.k.a. Slaughterhouse Beach)
Kapalua Bay
North Beach (Diamond Ka'anapali Beach Resort) - An interesting (LONG) dive is to enter at Diamond and exit at Westin
Kahekili Beach (Old Airport- Westin Vacation Resort)
Black Rock (Sheraton)

South Maui Sites:
Keawakapu Beach (south end) - Morning
Ulua Beach - Morning
Wailea Beach (Four Seasons/Grand Wailea) - Morning
Polo Beach - Morning
Five Caves/Makena Landing
Maluaka (Maui Prince) - Morning
Ahihi Cove (marine reserve)

Nothing personal, but as for mile 14, we'd have to go with the Maui Revealed authors that say "14 mile marker on hwy 30 is ridiculously overrated" unless you are offshore on a boat. It does keep the better sites less crowded though.
A good descriptions of the sites are here:
Shorediving.com - Maui
And a good beach info site:
Hawaiiweb.com Maui Beaches (south end)

MAUI Diving Links

* Maui Dreams Dive Co.
* Maui Diving Scuba Center
* Extended Horizons
* Lahaina Divers
* Makena Coast Charters
* Ed Robinson Diving
* MAUI Dive Shop

* Marine Life on Maui * Marine Life on Maui (MOC)

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Some of our favorite dive/snorkeling sites on the Big Island....

And there are others, but we haven't had a chance to explore them yet...
A good descriptions of Big Island dive sites is here:
Shorediving.com Big Island

BIG ISLAND Diving Links

* Kona Honu Divers (Best manta night dive in the islands)
* Jack's Diving Locker
* Hawaii Scubadiving - Big Island
* Blue Oceans - Big Island

* Marine Life on Big Island (MOC)

Updated 5/17/2012 - Kawika

Caribbean Diving

* St. Thomas USVI/Rhone BVI Dive Trip Report
* The South Florida Dive Journal
* Belize Online Tourist

California Diving

* Monterey Diving Info, Pacific Offshore Divers Inc.
* Monterey Diving Info, SCUBA Net
* Monterey Diving Guide

Diver Certification Organizations


Other Diving Resources

Android Apps
* DivePlanner
* Coastal Water Temperatures


* Aviation Server
* Flying Particles Inc. (affordable aircraft ownership...)
* Landings

* Click to Telnet to DUAT (for Pilots only)
* AirportNet

Hawaii - "The loveliest fleet of islands anchored in any sea." — Mark Twain

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